About Us

The Brief

As Made In Balcony, We believe there is no such a thing as garbage. Everything can be repurposed. Even in the balcony !

Most of us including me spend half of the day in front of computers. When we do not work or don’t want to spend more time on computer we take our smartphones to do the same as we do by computers.

When i was a kid my parents were taking me out to walk barefoot to get rid of the electric load on my body. Today there is not much left around us to balance our body with the earth by walking barefoot.  But we still can do things to step away from electronics.


We mostly work on;

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Metal

Also slightly work on;

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Textile

My adventure started by need of a coffee table and a wish of not to pay for it. There were a few trashed palettes in front of the building an I grab them. Then looked for a few more to have enough woods to complete the jack-table.  

After a few months of my satisfaction by my work, i was drinking coffee at the balcony and my eyes catched a sticker, written “Made In Italy”. I said myself “so what, this is Made In Balcony.” And here we are.


What We Do

  • Custom decorative objects
  • Vintage style sign boards
  • Vintage/Las Vegas letters with lights

How you can order one?

What do you think when I am telling you about coffee table…? Boring! Not this time though because I have found really nice vintage looking one and what’s more you can do this functional table yourself. Most of the table pictures I found made out of wine crates and I started to search for it but no luck. Then I have decided to build the boxes also and it was better than the ready ones.

Old palette woods

first became wine crates

then turned to a nice coffee table.

Why Do It Yourself?

First, you will save some money maybe you will make money out of it

It’s much better for the environment cause you will save sources. Don’t throw away, build something new

You will have full control over how the work is done, what tools and materials has been used and you will be sure the overall quality

And last but not least it always feels good to stand back and enjoy the “I did that” feeling. And you can brag to your friends

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