Cheap DIY Projects 02 – Color Dipped Stools

Are you dying to unleash your creative energy by making DIY Projects? But you’re worried on the expenses that you might spend on its needed materials. Well, worry no more! You’re going to love saving money on these DIY crafts! Not only are they useful, but they are easy and fun to make.

In this cheap project of course i consider you already have the stools or some kind of wooden chairs to apply the paint on it. Unless you don’t plan to purchase a set of stools which will make the project far out of to be cheap category.

Here is what you need;

  • Any type of wooden chairs or stools,
  • 2 – 3 different colours od spray paint
  • Matte or shiny finish as you desire. We used matte finish.

Before you start to spray the paint be sure you masked the rest of the area very well and masking band is well sticked cause keep in mind that spray paint may flow down while it is wet.

Here you are;

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