Honeycomb – Hexagon Shape Shelves

I made a small search on the internet before i shared this post to find a price if it will be a good idea to share. And yes! It was a really good idea cause the triple set is around EUR 65. And i will tell you now how you can make your own Honey-Comb style hexagon shelves less than EUR 20 and not only three of them but six of them.

In the images 20cm long wooden pieces used and for a nice shape both sides cutted with 30 degree angle. The best option to built is easy is to buy the wood from a construction market like Leroy Merlin or Praktiker and ask to cut with an exact dimensions. The rest is just to stick them together. It will be good to use staple for connections If you will put something heavy on it. But if it will carry something is very light weight to be decorative basically you can just put the wood glue and tight it around with a rope and left it for a night.

Made-in-balcony_honeycomb-shelves (4)

What to do:
STEP 1: First, set your minder saw to 30 degree. Cut six 20 cm pieces of wood, making sure that the cuts on both sizes are angled inward (see images below).
STEP 2: Next create the hexagon. Glue all the joints together with the wood glue. Let dry for an hour.
STEP 3: Flip over the hexagon. On the backside staple each joint together with two staples. Let dry for 24 hours.
STEP 4: After it’s dry, sand any uneven corners.
STEP 5: Now is your chance to customize. I stained the outside with a Natural stain and painted the inside yellow. Let dry.
STEP 6: Hammer nails in the wall that will be disguised in the corner of each hexagon. or use bracket to hang each shelf.

Made-in-balcony_honeycomb-shelves (1)

Made-in-balcony_honeycomb-shelves (2)

Made-in-balcony_honeycomb-shelves (3)

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