Marble Effected Dinner Napkins

How to Make Marble Effected Dinner Napkins

Hi again everybody. In this post i will show how to dress up some plain white dinner napkins with marbled effect step by step. It’s very cheap and easy to make and there is a lot of fun and satisfied if to consider to give some color to dining table with shaving foam. My project costed 15 Euros and 30 Cents. It may cost a little more depends on the quality of the materials you will use but the satisfaction to create it by your own is priceless when a friend asks from where to buy…

-Acrylic Paints
-Fabric Medium
-White Cotton Dinner Napkins
-Shaving Foam
-A mixing tool (a fork, a pencil, etc.)
-A plastic ruler or some form of scraping tool

*Cost includes a 12 pack of napkins!




STEP 1: Turn your regular paints into acrylic paints

Grab a Styrofoam plate or a tray of sorts and mix each of your acrylic paint colors (separately) with the fabric medium. This allows the acrylic paint to become fabric ready. If you have fabric paints, you can just use those. But I already have a large collection of acrylic paints, so this allowed me to use all of those colors for this project. There are normally mixing instructions on the back of the medium bottle instructing you in regards to ratios.

STEP 2: Spray shaving foam on your tray

Grab an old cookie sheet or an aluminum tray and spray the shaving foam along the bottom.

STEP 3: Spread the shaving foam into an even layer.

You want to make sure you spread it all over.

STEP 4: Drip splotches of your paints onto the layer of shaving foam.

I chose these three colors and dipped them randomly. You can choose a different color scheme, if you like.

STEP 5: Take a mixing tool and swirl the paint drops into a marble looking pattern.

This is the best part of this project. I love swirling the colors together! You can have a lot of fun while creating abstract artwork.

STEP 6: Place your napkin on the tray

Take one of your dinner napkins and carefully place it face down on top of the shaving foam and paint mixture. These dinner napkins that I bought on Amazon were perfect for this project.

STEP 7: Scrape off the shaving foam

Remove the napkin from the shaving foam tray. Using your plastic ruler or scraping tool carefully scrape the shaving foam off of the towel onto a trash bag or a piece of newspaper. Be sure to wipe the scraping tool clean before repeating this step.

STEP 8: Let it dry and set

Allow the napkin to dry and then use a heat setting method of your choice. I simply place a sheet of paper on top of fabric and used an iron on a dry setting. You can also put the napkins in a dryer for 40 minutes at a medium-high heat.

*To make another napkin you should repeat the process rather than reusing the painted shaving foam leftovers.