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  • Free Plans

    Wall-mounted drop-leaf folding table plan

    Here you can download a plan for making a Wall-Mounted Drop-leaf Folding Table. When assembled, this table takes up very little space in the room and when disassembled, it provides considerable…

  • Wooden

    Reclaim Mini Bedside Lamp

    It was one of the basic stuff i have done, you can say how slipshod it is from the pictures. Anyway i glued 4 small piece of wood together. and turn…

  • Wooden

    Reclaim Coffee Table From Wine Crates

    What do you think when I am telling you about coffee table…? Boring! Not this time though because I have found really nice vintage looking one and what’s more you can…

  • Stone

    Decorative Hand-Paint Stones

    At least once in your life you find yourself in a situation that you can not find a present to someone you love or someone you don’t know very well. The…

  • Wooden

    Short Jack-Table From A Master Bed

    I decided to make this short table after we change our master bed. It was more easy to cut all the pieces, unscrew, taking the nails out than to carry 5…

  • Glass

    How To Make A Hanging Lightbulb Planter

    I saw a great image of this project for a hanging light bulb planter a few times on Pinterest, but had trouble finding instructions that showed how to make it. After…