Reclaim Coffee Table From Wine Crates

What do you think when I am telling you about coffee table…? Boring! Not this time though because I have found really nice vintage looking one and what’s more you can do this functional table yourself. Most of the table pictures I found made out of wine crates and I started to search for it but no luck. Then I have decided to build the boxes also and it was better than the ready ones.

Here is the why; the table will be square and it is not possible to find 4 boxes in the same quality. Also the sizes may not be match exactly and the main reason it will not be handmade. Even though I have found a few really good boxes but 30 Euros asked for per the box which was not logical to pay.

So I have decided to build it from the scratch and I did it. As I don’t have so much space in my living room so I made 2 of them 60 cm long and 2 of the 40 cm long and the table become rectangle rather than the square which was a perfect fit to my living room.

Also in the build period I decided to not to use any screws and I put everything together with a super wood glue and I used wooden sticks as a screw.

Last but least i did it all in the balcony…

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